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General Description of KwangShin Heavy-duty Reciprocating Compressors

The Compressor crankcase is of the rigid type construction. and spacer blocks end cylinders ere strongly bottecf each other And auxiliary pressure vessels and heat exchanger are designed and located strong angle and supported.

The arrangement of compressor cylinders arranged on opposite sides of the crankshaft provides for mutual balancing 01 the reciprocating inertia forces. to ensure minimized vibration generated by the reciprocating masses.

Throttling and other causes ff pressure loss are minimized through careful design of passages: friction and other mechanical loses are minimized through special attention in design and manufacture to ensure smooth movement of att parts.

With the exception of very large units. all reciprocating compressors are completely assembled on the compressor bed in factory. and are shipped ready of installation with no assembly work required at the site.

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State of the art technology

Design Approaches according to API-618
Applying design approaches is to prevent possible problems including vibrations. torsional stress, piping failure. and efficiency reduction. etc. This shall extend mechanical lifetime With stable performance in using compressors.

3D Modeling
Applying 30 modeling is for optimized package design fallowing fault-preventing configuration. forecasting flow condition. and reviewing piping interference. etc.. as per client's requirement.